3 Steps to Perfection on Purpose

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You know who you are based on all of your past experiences and choices. If you choose to remain who and what you are now, and not look ahead, then you will forever be at the mercy of your own future life experiences. Instead of taking this passive approach, allow yourself to understand that you have a choice in all of your future experiences and make those choices.

Here are three ways to to take an active role in shaping your life:

1. Be present: Choose to experience each and every moment of your life to its fullest. Open your senses and explore your immediate environment. See, hear, smell, touch and taste all that you can in your immediate surroundings. Take in every minute detail. For someone who has never done this, being fully present in the moment can seem like a tedious task. Persist and you will be rewarded. Soon, taking in a moment to its fullest will become an awe-inspiring experience.

2. Connect with yourself: Next, experience yourself to the same sensory extent. Turn your attention inward. Explore every sensation as you are experiencing it. Note your sense of touch and sense of smell. Be acutely aware of the light coming into your eyes and the sound coming into your ears. Focus your awareness on the signals moving from your sensory organs to your brain and how your brain is interpreting those signals. With this sense of awareness, you are ready to listen to your body.

No matter your state of health or emotions, your body is trying to tell you something. It can be as simple as “everything is great” to “something is wrong,” even letting you know a choice is coming up. Hidden in the body is a repository of all the emotions you chose not to experience. It is where we lock away the things we chose not to feel or experience. These things can manifest in the body in subtle ways. It can be a pain in the arm, a twitch in the leg, or any other sensation. Choosing to become aware of these signals in the body will help you to become aware of what your whole being is trying to communicate to you.

3. Listen to your life: Now, you are ready to turn your focus outward and experience the life you have created for yourself. Allow your consciousness to experience as many aspects of your life that it can. Take in everything from the type of clothes you wear and the music you listen to, to the job you have and the company you keep. Do not judge these things. Take in each element and experience it to its fullest.

Just like your body, your life is sending you subtle signals. and the life you lead hides subtle signals in the details. Instead of emotions, the subtle details of your life will whisper the secrets of intent and purpose. You may have made past choices because of external expectations or demands placed upon you. How you fulfilled those choices and what you experienced from them will tell you if they were truly in alignment with your whole being. Look for the things you take personal joy in, the choices that were easy to make, and the experiences when you expected the outcome. Within these experiences hides the true nature of your evolving perfection.

When you do this simple exercise, you free yourself from the judgment of others and external expectations. You discover the truth of your perfection. Knowing these things empowers you to make choices that lead to experiences that enhance your perfection. Yes, you are a perfect person for who you are now. You will always be the perfect person you come to be. It is your choice whether you guide how your perfection is expressed in the world. Listen to your body and your life. You will hear the subtle whisper from your higher being empowering you to become who you really are.


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