10 Weeks to a Better Body and More Energy

Tanja Djelevic by Tanja Djelevic | February 21st, 2012 | 2 Comments
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Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner! In Los Angeles where I live, it has already started: The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping louder outside my window and I’m starting to feel that subtle energy change, both in my personal training clients and in myself!

This is the time when there is so much “newness” happening that I like to use it as a catalyst to create a resurgent flow of energy for the rest of the year. The best thing about creating this flow of energy is that the byproducts can include a fitter body, more energy and an influx of self-confidence.

But I can’t stress enough that change takes time. Starting too many things all at once usually ends in exhaustion and a feeling of “I MUST DO” instead of “I WANT TO.” One of the best ways to overcome the inertia and the absolute best way of creating a habit and sticking to it is to change slowly and repeat the new positive pattern over and over again. And over the next ten weeks, that exactly what we’re going to do!

My challenge to you is to make just one change or start one healthy new habit every week, gradually adding to the program, and see where it takes you! Will it stick? How is it going to change your mind? Your body? Let’s do it together and find out.

Week 1 assignments: Get motivated and get moving!

To inspire you to take this ten-week journey with me, take some time to jot down five points that will help motivate you to change your life (for those days when you just don’t feel like hitting the gym, or when a fast food dinner sounds soooo tempting).

Maybe you’d like to get into those fancy designer jeans you love, improve your tennis or volleyball game, reduce stress or just have more energy? Starting a new ritual or routine can be demanding, so go back to the five motivators at least once a week and remind yourself of what your goals are and why you’re doing this. Maybe even put that list on the fridge or in your car or above your desk so that it’s visible at all times.

Next, jump start your new life with a daily walk, hike or another heart rate-raising exercise you enjoy. Just make sure you move for 30-60 minutes every day. I promise you — you’ll feel more energized, your mood will get a positive boost thanks to powerful exercise endorphins, and you’ll feel more calm and less stressed. After your daily walk or hike, reward yourself with a refreshing shower or a hot relaxing bath.

Please let me know how it’s going and remember to Live Life Loud!


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Week 7: Breathe and Reboot

Week 8: Rock Star Intervals

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Week 10: Putting it All Together

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